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Sunstate Awnings is Sarasota's premier Awning Company

Sunstate Awnings specializes in custom awnings for your home or business. Awnings truly make a wonderful decorative addition to any building. Usually made of canvas or vinyl, our Sarasota Awnings of SW Floridaawnings are custom designed, and built to your specifications. In addition to being beautiful, the best part is that they are incredibly practical. They reduce glare and heat from the sun. They will protect you from about 98% of the sun's UV rays. They'll also protect your furnishings from the damaging rays of direct sunlight- and reduce your inside temperatures by about 15°. Available in a variety of designer styles and colors, awnings can accommodate any architectural design.

Everyone at Sunstate Awnings takes great pride in being a member of the SW Florida regions' leading awning company. From Sarasota to Bradenton, from Osprey to Ellenton, thousands of businesses and homeowners have chosen Sunstate for their Sarasota area awning needs. And that's because we realize that our valuable reputation depends on one thing - your complete satisfaction. Which is why you'll get what you want, when you want it, at the price you agreed to. Period.

Why Sunstate Awnings of Sarasota?

Sunstate Awnings is a family owned and operated company, Sunstate Awnings of Floridaformed in 1978, and is Sarasota's (& the entire SW Florida regions') most decorated awning firm, and the company of choice for Builders, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, and individual homeowners in the Greater Sarasota area. We know that your home or business is very important to you and your choice of awnings will not only be a practical choice but also an aesthetic addition.

Each awning structure that we produce is custom built, so the design options are limited only by the imagination. We proudly build all awnings in our manufacturing facility in Englewood, FL (including all engineering, frame fabrication, canvas cutting and sewing, and installation & service.) In Southwest Florida, there are really only two choices for your awning needs----Sunstate Awnings or Second Best!



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